Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let my bloggers go

Wil Reynolds, founder of SEO/SEM group Seer Interactive, hired me to create a document illustration for a recent blog post. Wil put together the 17 Commandments of Setting SEO Expectations. You can download the document here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Makin Screens

Screen printing at Fleisher last nite. Exposed my first screen. Almost botched it by pulling it out of the black garbage bag in the middle of the class...but it worked! The print came out great.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pipping Hot Print

The PEAC collateral is back from the printer and it looks great. The series includes a business card, letterhead and envelope design, printed with one color on uncoated matte paper. The card is the most interesting piece: PEAC is a non-profit organization with 15 board members, one employee, a boat-load of volunteers and a small budget. Logistics were messy. Not everyone has a PEAC e-mail address nor phone number, board members come and go, and only one person actually works at their official headquarters. They wanted small volumes of each card but they needed to print on an offset press to preserve the fine lines of the type and logo. Once we received price estimates from the printers, we knew we needed a better solution. A fellow designer recommended the space for people to fill in their information. I created a mock-up and the client loved it! Now anyone associated with the organization can help promote it. The cards help any volunteer feel a strong sense of pride and belonging.

Continuing Education

Started my class at the Fleisher Art Memorial this week. Small, personal classes within intimate settings. The teacher is great. I enjoy the new-ish Fleisher identity, created by Paragraph, a Philly branding agency.