Monday, February 16, 2009

Save the Date!

Friends of mine, Andy and Karen, are getting married this summer and requested I design their Save the Date announcements and wedding invitations. Here are the postcard announcements we created. It is raaather unfortunate that, thanks to the inept employees of FedEx Kinko's, they did not mail as soon as we would have liked. I know earlier in this blog I rave about the services of FedEx Office, but maaaaybe I take that back now. I felt like I was in a Chapelle episode when I called the office in Chicago about some printing issues. 

Sustainability Heros

AIGA Philadelphia's Campaign 2 Sustain Student Poster Exhibition (phew!) was a great success. For photos from the event, visit the AIGA Philly flickr gallery. You can also view some of the amazing, winning and runner-up designs, as well as the cutie-patootie student winners. And oh my, there's me! I have to say, I was uber impressed with the submissions. All the attendees were allowed to vote on their favorite. It was rather difficult due to the wide range of styles and concepts. Some utilized strong, detailed illustration, while others focused on the message and type. All in all, they kicked ass. 

I think I was mostly impressed with the designs by Tyler Graduate Student Bernardo Margulis. I'm not sure if he has them posted anywhere, but I will try to find them.  

The winners received various prizes, as well as an award-certificate designed by yours truly, with the assistance of Dave Copestakes. I went with a sustainability "hero" theme. I originally had two designs, one with "Sustainability Man" and his female counterpart. My fellow committee members wanted to go with something more "unisex," which I interpreted as "less sexy" and more "designer looking," so I came up with the skinny-hipster character with the funky glasses. Scrawny, but a hero none the less.

Also, the exhibition was placed in the Crane Arts building, home of GDloft, and one of the coolest gallery spaces I've seen. Woot!