Monday, March 16, 2009

Silkscreen dreams

I signed up for a silkscreen class at the Fairmount Art Center in Philadelphia. Its one night a week, and will cover a few different methods of silkscreening. Unfortunately for me, my college printmaking course completely skipped over the silkscreen section, so I'm forced to learn later in life. The Art Center is a cute little building in Fairmount that provides a variety of classes. My teacher Tom is pretty cool. Seems he is very excited to teach adults because most of his time is spent with kids.

I missed the first class (because I'm a slacker), but the second class was cool. At first I was disappointed because there's no film or dark room involved, and I figured, eh, this will be a cinch. Tonite I sat down to make some stencils, and well, it is not a cinch. Anyone who is good at silkscreening will tell you that figuring out the negative and positive sections when using more than one ink ain't easy. Also, unlike popular belief, the screens are NOT made of silk. : )

I've included an image of what I'm attempting to print. We shall see how it goes....I will try to scan and post the final print.